Zammy Presents: Letting Go

My new full length video featuring the Möbius style of play!

To kickstart September right, I did a new video with all of my summer material I mustered up! I have always referred to this month as “Möbius September”, as May has the “5a May”. I mean, why not? Mine birthday is in this month too!

Anyways, lots of new material going on in here. I’ve been trying to focus on transitions and smoothing out play. Also new slacks, flytraps, some no-handed material… its great to see! So definitely take a look and tell me what you think!

Also: I dare you to play Möbius. Just try it, see what happens.


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I am incredibly surprised not a single person here on YYE has said anything about my video.

Amazing video Zammy, your tricks blow my mind!

Incredible video Zammy!!! Thank you!

As a relative beginner I especially appreciate the trick name text you inserted into the vid. It helps those of us that want to learn a specific trick in the montage…. It gives us a name to look up.

I jumped from that video to some of your other uploads…… all good to great…… but No Hands…. WOW I’ve never seen tricks like those before!

Looks like I have a new great source for tutorials!

Really enjoyed that. Glad you’re enjoying Moebius and took the effort to share with us. Finger loop whips (I don’t know what to call them) blow my mind.

I just watched it and man… What a showcase. Very skillful and fresh! I Love it!! :slight_smile:

Really enjoyable tricks. Love your style.

I tried Mobius.

was NOT dissapointed

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