Moebius Tutorials on YYE Learn section? WHOA.

(Zammy Ickler ) #1

Just thought I would do a little plugin for you guys.

If you have not noticed, put your mouse clicker over the learn section and noticed something neat. “Moebius W/ Zammy”.

This has been quite a bit of time to finalize everything so it would come to this. Andre has finally given chance to this style and believe it can shine in the future and hold a spot amongst other styles in the different divisions.

I’m glad this has finally happened and now it is taken a little bit seriously. Now others will be able to learn the beginner stuff and experiment.

Keep an eye every week for a new tutorial! I’ve been slacking off since Nationals but there will be new stuff now!



yay! can’t wait for more ;D

(SR) #3



Awesome, I didnt notice but ill have to try it!!


Zammy, I just gotta say that I don’t know if my other topic inspired you to post this or not or helped realize that you are “famous” :stuck_out_tongue: on YYE, but I just gotta say that your flytraps and moebius tricks are sweet and I can’t wait for more videos on the matter and if you release more stuff, I may give it a try myself.

(Jerrod) #6



Neither can I! ;D


I never really thought about doing Moebius before, but after watching your videos and hearing that Andre is trying it, I’m gonna give it a go.


I’m trying it to! made up my first moebuis trick!




Congratulations Zammy, it must be an honor to have your tutorials on here!