Möbius tricks!!!

Has anybody ever heard or done möbius tricks?

You must be new here.

Ok, if you have never heard of Mobius tricks, here is a small intro on them. Mobius tricks are where you open yup the slip knot so that its HUGE, and then pop the Yoyo into it. Then you can start doing tricks on the inside. It’s pretty cool

Sorry, Conner, I didn’t realize you had posted

Haha, all good man.

Yeah Mobius has caught on a little bit. Mostly thanks to Daniel. Hes pretty much the leader in the movement of it.

Yeah, moebius is pretty cool


Just saying.

This isn’t a chat. It’s a forum. I don’t normally say goodbye when I have to leave…


Lol. So true, gtg.

I’ll keep checking on this thread but I’ll bbl u guyz.




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Möbius tricks are cool!

William, I’ve never even seen you do a mobius trick!?!?


Seriously?!?! I think that I’m pretty good at them.

Still, I haven’t seen you doing them…

I keep trying to learn more!

Yeah, just learned a new one

This thread seems really pointless.

End of thread.

Also, please refer to the resources that are on this site already. If you look at the top of this page you will see the navigation menu, and one of them says ‘Learn’ highlight your mouse over ‘Learn’ and you’ll notice that there is a list of options; towards the bottom of these options is one that says ‘Moebius with Zammy’ click on it and have fun learning moebius style play. Welcome to YYE.

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