"Attitude" By Zammy. New moebius video

My Last Hurrah of the year before 2009 closes. Was recorded in my room since its freezing outside. Hope for new things to come next year.

Dimi also requested I try to figure out kamikaze in moebius. Seppuku is what it is.

Here is a present for ya, downloadable link at sector y as well as vimeo upload. (I’d prefer if you watch it on youtube however)


Happy Holidays YoyoExpert!

You have some big talent, especially since you’re doing stuff like that with such an underdeveloped style. Props! Honestly dude, really nice.

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awesome! moebis ftw.

Sweeeeeeet…you comin’ to the CEA this Saturday?

Are you ambidextrous? or whatever.
Shweet tricks.

I’m sort of Ambidexterous. Alot of tricks make the illusion that I am actually, its not too hard to make it look like I am.
However, I plan to become that way when it comes to yoyoing.


I love it, and congrats on the YoYoSkills feature!!!

sweet i can do moebius a lil thx to your video on how to but im going to stick to 1a and 5a really good vid

Great video,I’m into moebius too bad I’ve got a small bearing yoyo. :frowning:
Anyway I’m looking forword to your tuts :smiley:

moebius is 1a though