"To The Top" new moebius video by Zammy

I’m at it again, trying to better my last video. Also this video is meant as to be a “Wish I was at AP 2010” since I will not be able to go there this year. I really wanted to see my international yoyo friends, and I know I will be missed. So this is for you guys. love you all.

Vimeo coming soon as well as direct download from Sector Y.

Hooplah 2.0!

vimeo and direct download from Sector Y will be up soon.
Another note: this is on my new youtube account, to which I am posting all my videos on to this one account and getting rid of the other two.


moebius is so cool. the last trick when you put your finger in the loop while its in the air is crazy!

WHAT THE!!! That was just sick, my mind just melted out of my ears.