Beyond The Unknown

Zammy, July 2009, Moebius.
Comments are very much appreciated if you could.

cool tricks and nice choice of music its soothing


LIKED IT. it was amazing. you are really good.

Everything about that video was good. The music was soothing, the effects, and you yo-yoing! Keep it up. :wink:

Cool video! The music was a nice touch!

Zammy, the awesomeness!!!

Happy Throwing! =]

Thanks for the commentary! I hope there will be more views and comments though. :slight_smile:
I picked the song due to the enivorment and overall feeling…
the song was both calm but also had a powerful signature emotion to it.


its just too annoying for me to watch vimeo videos.seem that anything except youtube lags, including the videos on this site.

Your wish is granted sir. :slight_smile:

Wow Zammy…

You are the Moebius God…

Keep doing moebius!

As usual, love the style and I love the names of the tricks.