Zammy presents: "Recovery"

New full length Moebius video to end the 2014 year!

This past year has been incredibly difficult to me and the holidays is even worse. Due to the loss of my father back in April, life has been rocky. However, here I am still going forward into a new year and hopefully a swing around will happen.

This video is called “Recovery” considering I am still trying to deal with all thats happened. The video has a meloncholy feel due to the ambient music. I still followed tradition of naming my tricks after anime/manga/games…this time I chose Soul Eater.

This is also my first full length video under sponsorship for Yoyotrap. The yoyo used was a Helium!

Thanks for those that may watch it.
I’d appreciate any help if you could share it on facebook, comment, like…whatever.


great video dude as always :smiley:

The video is a tad bit dark but otherwise - FANTASTIC!

Who says darkness can’t be fantastic? :wink:
Really loved this. I remember being blown away by your moebius videos years ago and its still mind bendingly incredible to me. How you figure this stuff out is beyond me.
Thank you for sharing!

Dang man, that was crazy! I gotta learn that style, it looks like too much fun. Sorry for your loss and keep up the great work.

Totally crazy well done.

Blown away by the move in the slow-mo. Awesome as always. Best wishes.

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super legit.

really dug on “meister”


So sad… best wishes with you.

Really sweet vid.

Overall, if you would know why I recorded in there, you’d understand why I choose the slow sad music and specifically why I made the lighting darker. It was done on purpose.

haha, darkness is always fun! And thanks man. I’m still going forward it seems. After taking nearly all of 2013 without any ambition for the style its a nice return back to it. I figure it out via self analysis. No one else does it so…someone has to do it.

Check out the tutorials here on Yoyoexpert, that should give you a good start!

Thanks much guys!

Superb Tricks!! Soul Eater!!! Mobius!!! LOTS OF THINGS I LIKE ARE IN THIS VID THANKS ZAMMY :smiley:

i realy like thouse tricks!

come to the darkside we have cookies !:smiley:



That land of snake trick was ill

I really enjoyed this. Probably my favourite of your videos I’ve seen. I got a lot of Spencer-Berry vibes from it, both from the editing/videography and from the flow/style of the tricks, especially some of the slack stuff. It’s neat to see how far you’ve pushed Moebius over the years.