Zammy 1a tutorial: "Desert Rose"

This is the 1a known as “Desert Rose” that I thought I would share to you. I’ve had request by a few people to do it so here we go. Its a 3d type of motion roll for a trick, it is not that hard as it looks.


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This trick is magic too, it turns your string from green to white ;D

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I love your tutorials and tricks Zammy! keep them coming!

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I love your style Zammy!

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Man, your tutorials are great! Your attitude makes a great video, with an awesome trick.

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Zammy, I’ve got to say this. You are just awesome. You are fantastic at yoyoing and tutorials, and have your own unique amazing style. When I watch your videos, I just feel so inspired to get up and go throw, and you have an awesome attitude. :slight_smile: Also, as a side-note, Duncan=Love ;D

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haha nice I didn’t even notice that ;D

Thanks for watching the tutorial, expect more on my 1a stuff I’ve been doing for awhile…if anyone wants to learn that is ha.


Thx Zammy,

I like the whole trick. I am definitely digging some of those elements.

quoting for mobile users :wink: (sorry for the necro)


Awesome dude :smiley:

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but after I drop the nth index at the beginning of the trick and do that roll to the left the yoyo always hit other strings when when the roll is done. Please help and great tutorial

aren’t all tricks 3d? :-\ besides that this is really cool. Like your neck trick would be 3d too right? In this sense would like a Wrist mount - dismount - be considered 3d because of the square you make? (I mean the dismount where you pop it out instead of the double roll - on).

Sorry im somewhat new to the lingo…

p.s. fun mount!!

Really sorry that I did not get to this, lots of things on the internet so it is difficult to pay attention to it.

So, I had to actually re-learn this trick so I could see what is up. But to clarify, I need to know what number step you are specifically. From what I understand its one of the beginning steps. As you roll back into the inside of the hold, you need to have your NTH index + thumb holding the string so when you drop it from your index It will still be wrapped around your thumb.

I think THAT is the issue but not sure.

@Dcs937 When I say “3d roll” it specifically means motioning the yoyo in a differen axis then what it is currently at. The yoyo is going forward and backwards in front of you instead of the yoyo going left to right or vice versa.


Thanks I can do the whole trick now