Alright. So here is the beef.
I am learning the Kamikaze trick and I have the mount done with and the first step done. This is the video I’m using as a tutorial.

At 0:55 you should skip to.

So I throw the yoyo over my hand (Like a boss). But then, when I’m in the configuration at 1:04 I can’t understand how here goes from that, to 5 seconds later. I always end up in something like this

It is very weird. What am I doing wrong. PLEASE REPLY

Are you talking about the finger movement?

I noticed another flaw which might be useful. At 1:03 pause the video. You will see two strings on top. However I don’t have the two strings on top, only one.

My mount for the trick is the easy version when you hook the string onto the bottom of the yoyo, in order to get into the Kamikaze mount.

Anyone else that can help?

so glad you made this thread, I am stuck at the exact same spot!

Yeah, it is a very confusing part of the trick. I don’t understand that after the first roll how are there two strings on top of the Yoyo.



Your illustration looks like you might be back in the original kamikaze mount. Are you sure you are rolling the yoyo under your non-throwhand and not back under your throwhand (i.e. undoing the first step out of the kamikaze mount)? It could also be that when you roll around your non-throwhand, you are landing on both strings and dropping one of the strings from your non-throwhand. That would put you straight into the mount at 1:15-1:20, which also looks like your illustration and has only one string over that finger. If that is it, make sure you don’t drop any fingers from your non-throwhand when you swing the yoyo around, and make sure you land only on the back string.

I’m attempting to learn Kamikaze as well. Since, most experts take it for granted that they can do this with their eyes closed it’s hard to understand where us beginners are coming from… I understand they were there at one time, but once learned it’s easy to forget what you may have been frustrated on. So, I have the same issue however I know what I am doing wrong. When you swing the yoyo around you are landing on both strings!!! Remmerb he says you need to land on the back string and backstring o9nly. I’;;ve been doing this for three weeks now and still can’t get the proper string configuration on demand. I’m slowing moving to the I give up area. It’s frustrating watching how easy people make it look yet don’t give you small tids and bits that will help. I also noticed in the video at "X"tricks.C-- that he pops the yoyo on the string after and rolls out of the “mind bend” mount, however the instructor says nothing about letting the loop go off your throw hand although he does it. I may be critical, however if you really want to teach and have people learn you have to be extremely critical on yourself and have another beginner critique the video. His earlier videos he would actually list the probelms you’d run into. I noticed the more advanced videos he doesn’t really say much about problems you could run to as much or how to solve them.

Sorry for babbling, but the issue you’re running into is you’re landing on both the strings. Again I’ve been on this part for three weeks, I hope I can finish the trick otherwise all the money I spent on throws and string going out the door. Wish the best of luck to you and if you have other issues with this trick, note I’m stilll learning it as well. Haven’t even learned magic drop yet god it’s hard.

yeah, you have to land it on the back string and you do that by putting a little separation between the strings (its kind of the angle that you have your throw hand)

from there you pull the outer string through the inner string into that almost a sideways mach 5.

meh, its so much easier to teach this stuff with someone in person.

any tips for hitting the backstring consistently on the Magic Drop in this trick? I can do it pretty consistently now out of a straight throw to trapeze to magic drop…but after the first half of kamikaze it doesn’t want to land on the back string as often. what do i do??