Kamikaze pt 2 help?

I’m not sure if I’m doing the part where you curl your finger inwards correctly. Also, any tips on how to pop the yo-yo on the string (The end of the video)? Here is a video, thanks :):

The finger curl part is fine. I think you need to work on the Kamikaze mount, and the part where you swing the yoyo around before the finger curl.

For the Kamikaze mount, you should pop the yoyo into the loop, and drop the loop off your thumb all in one motion. You’re dropping the yoyo onto the bottom segment, and then letting go of the thumb. Instead, pop the yoyo up into the top segment, let go of the thumb, and drop the yoyo back onto the strings all in one quick succession. It will look much cooler, and will be the way it needs to be done to count in a ladder.

For the next part, swing the yoyo around your TH, and just let it continue without stopping around your NTH, and onto the string. May not be required for a trick ladder, but it will make the trick look nicer.

For the pop part, I use a smaller swing-out-and-in motion.

Keep at it!

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I find this part to be tricky! When I try to pop the yo-yo, it often separates from the bottom string. So, I have been avoiding that by kinda placing the yo-yo in the mount. I’ll keep practicing :).

At the time I did the video, I didn’t realize I was supposed to pop the yo-yo into the top string and then let if fall on the bottom string. I was trying to avoid hitting the top string!

Yeah you did the finger curl just fine. It’s real easy to over swing the yoyo on the next step. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it.

On the kamikaze mount, hitting the top string and then pulling it into the v shape has to be done quick. Notice on the yoyotricks.com video he does it so fast that the yoyo makes a “ting” sound.

I’m able to land the yoyo on the string after the curl the finger step. However sometimes when I’m back in trapeze or after the magic drop, the yoyo tilts! I will keep practicing 8)

The footage looks correct on the curl. Here is a link if it helps https://youtu.be/wbwrY1z2xCI .
If you run into problems with the Magic Drop you might try practicing the MD as a standalone trick and add it back after the first part is smooth.

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