kamikaze help

Im working kamikaze and I can do everything leading up to the magic drop and when i get to that part and try to do my yoyo ends up landing on both of the strings. Can anybody help me?

So, are you asking for help to do Kamikaze or Magic Drop?

i guess magic drop but to be able to land on the back string

Put more non-throw-hand fingers in the loop, not just index finger and point them down.

thank you for your help but I think this belongs right here because I am looking for help

I saved this link from a post I saw a few weeks ago. Looks like it came in handy. :slight_smile:

youre video helped but when i do the magic drop it lands on the front string instead of the back so i guess i will just keep practicing

This is a popular question this week, lol.  I use the ring finger of my non-throwhand to spread the strings, this gives the yoyo a place to land as it comes around.