kamikaze problem

Hey i got problem with kamikaze, i can do easily kamikaze mount then i do one roll to right over my TH and now i have 2 strings comming from my TH and one from NTH and i am suppose to roll yoyo over my NTH up to that string closer to me… and i am constantly landing it on both of them, first i tought thats couse of steamroller couse its kinda wide, but i tried it also on 888x and it was same …

any tips?

Once you throw the houdini mount at the beginning, curl your TH middle finger (or whatever one the string loop is attached to) right in towards your palm, as if you were pointing at someone with just your forefinger. Keep it curled in as you do the trick and you should be fine. =)

nah nothing changed i tbh always had finger curled like that