help with kamakazi

I dont understand where to pop up the yoyo after the houdini catch in the first part of kamakazi. Please help!!!

the string thats coming from your throwhand middlefinger

go to houdini catch, notice you have 1 string going around your throwhand index finger, one string going around your nonthrowhand thumb, and 1 string going around your nonthrowhand index finger (thats the string the yoyo sits on). hop the yoyo onto the string thats directly attached to your throwhand middlefinger, thats the string that goes around your nonthrowhand thumb. Basically the lowest string thats closest to you

would that be the closest string to you or the middle string and does the yoyo go on more than one string? sorry i am really confused with this part

go into a houdini

from there, i want you to move your NTH THUMB to the yoyo, you want to fit the loop of string on NTH thumb around the yoyo.then drop thumb. you want the yoyo to stay on the SAME STRING the entire time, but not, it is on 2 strings at the same time. if you did it right, you should be able to pull, and start a gyro flop.

Its like the yoyo fits in that wrap where your thumb is. If you want to move one you can just thread the yo yo onto that loop and pull out your thumb. If you do that a few times you’ll probably get the pop right the next time you try.

Let us know how this goes.