problem with Kamikaze

I’m just learning this trick and nearly success…
the problem I’m facing is that after the magic drop,
it need to become a distorted 1.5 mount
then roll back to a aomething like trapezea bro.
while i am doing this step, the yoyo rotate to outside and become tilted
I try to make the string more parallel, but it make the magic drop on both string, or the yoyo land on the wrong string while distorted 1.5 mount
Can somebody give me some tips ???

I’m not sure what you mean, can you clarify what you mean by “Rotate to outside and become tilted”. If you explain that, i think we will be able to help you more easily.

Just a tip which would help, make sure that your throws are straight and strong. Magic drop just takes practice, and you will magically just “get” it after a while of practice.

simply mean that after the magic drop, from the distorted 1.5 mount to the last, the yoyo tilted very much

Oh, you just have to throw a strong sleeper, and make sure that the sting is well aligned at all times. You really just have to practice.

As rsmod said, work on your throw. Make sure it is nice and strong because to an extent Kamikaze has the strings hitting the sides, tilting it, and having it spin faster will help fight this problem.

I try to tackle the problem by skipping the beginning part of the trick, just start with the magic drop part.
However, the problem just cannot fixed…
I know should be the rolling is not parallel to the gap…but how to make it parallel :frowning:
I have practsied for a few dayssssssss, nearly a week, already :’(

I suggest watching this video, then apply it to the magic drop part:

I nearly can finish the trick now.
I keep trying to practise rolling parallel to the gap and this helps.
however, it really hard to keep a short roll parallel,
such like doing revolution, i get the same problem.
I think I will hv more practise

You understand it :slight_smile:

Always practice ;D