Zakkhess, where are YOU?!

I traded a super near mint in box CLYW Puffin for a dietz and FHZ.

some more…

Mint FHZ? no response on one side?

Definitely looks like a good amount of damage…

I’m here to back up Tuxedo.

Zackhess did the EXACT SAME THING to me about 4 days ago. He never mentioned anything, AND THE YOYO IS COMPLETELY BEAT. This is unacceptable. I would like him to fix this as soon as possible.

This is messed up. Looks pretty bad from the photos :frowning: How would you guys like to resolve this. Would you like to trade back, or get cash from him to settle the difference. If he gets two negatives for these transactions, he will mess up his feedback. He should want to resolve it with you.

Zakkhess has marked his account as “waiting for approval for deletion”. This essentially means he’s left the forum. I hate scammers.

Oh man are you serious?
He is ignoring my text messages now.
How can he tell me the normal play dings and scrapes don’t effect the play?
I don’t care if it does or doesn’t, the fact that he said only one mark, irks me.
Plus he shipped in a padded envelope with the yoyos assembled. The fhz could have easily cracked.

I must admit it is pretty funny. This smile train dietz made me really mad.

Look slike the typical scammer, deleting his account :-\

Post his #? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the name you mailed the Puffin out to?

Post his number, like he said ^ and get everybody to text it constantly until he cracks.

dont think he is willing to work things out.

Tuxeodave and SaltySalvador - I’m corresponding with Zakkhess via email. What specific sort of resolution would make you guys feel square?

I would just want my puffin back, or cash. Dietz probably only worth $30 right now.

So you would be cool with me telling him a tradeback would resolve things on your end? Alternatively, how much cash would he need to send you?

Yes I would be fine with a trade back.
If its the alternative, then I would like $80.00.
I don’t think he has any money though. He already told me.

Thank you for the help. I too am with Tuxedo. I would like my Hulk Smash Avalanche and my Velocity back. I even told him he could keep the 2 deal sweetener bearings I sent him. In return I would ship him back his beat Supernova.

I feel this is the best way to solve this.

Good condition, eh? Not beat, eh?