Zach tension hook

I can get all but the hook. Am I dropping the right strings? My slack is crazy and uncontrollable. Any tips or should I just keep with what I am doing?

Need help!!!

Tension tricks are just one of those things that you need to play around with, kinda like rejections, etc. But here are some things that can help:

  1. Check your string tension.
  2. Are you pulling on the string enough to create a taught string before letting go?
  3. It can help to have the hand holding the string follow it to guide where it goes.

Make sure that you’re just dropping your non throw hand index. To help form the loop, try moving your throwhand index towards the left if you’re a righty and to the right if you’re a lefty as you drop the loop off your non throwhand index. If you exaggerate this movement, you should definitely see the hook forming. Also make sure you’re not hopping the yoyo up at all otherwise you’ll get too much slack in the string.

You can have TOO MUCH tension. It causes the slack to recoil and get all wonky.

Also, get that NTH nice and close to the yoyo; it helps.

Strangely, once I started getting relatively consistent, I was doing something weird with my hand that was causing me to be in a reverse trapeze instead of a normal trapeze. I just decided to go with it and now when I work on it, I intentionally work towards landing it as a reverse trapeze. :wink: