Zach Gormley's YoYo Choice @ WYYC 2013

Yesterday I saw on Innovation Movement that Zach Gormley used a Bear vs Man Round 2 for his WYYC finals routine…why didn’t he use an Arctic Circle, his signature throw? I would almost think that CLYW wouldn’t LET him use a non-AC yoyo…because it is kind of like him saying that the AC isn’t good enough for him…

I am confused.

I think he used a bvm2 at bac as well.

I think Zach’s probably allowed to use what he wants lol. It’s not like he was up there using a YoYoFactory or Duncan. He was still using a CLYW. He used the BvM2 to win pnwr, scr, 2nd at Cal States, 7th at Worlds.

Also, at BAC, he used an AC to start, but then he switched about halfway through to a Chief.

It’s just like Paul dang not using a dang. The player can use whatever the want, it doesn’t have to be their signature

Markmont and Dang both have signatures but I believe they both use cascades. I think.

exactly. It’s not a sign of disrespect or anything, Zach uses/used his signature to compete and win in a lot of contests, but along came the BvM2, and it fit his preferences more, or he just liked it better. It’s still a CLYW, he still represents CLYW and is sponsored by them. He just prefers the BvM2, I guess.

The BvM2 is CLYW’s newest yoyo, so they would probably prefer Zach using it just to give the yoyo some more publicity. the Arctic Circle has been around for a long time, and has even won yoyo of the year for 2012. CLYW doesn’t need to get it out there as much anymore.

As already mentioned, preferences change. There could also be a difference in preferences for competition vs. preferences for daily throwing. I’m sure most of us can relate in that our favourite throws aren’t always the competition-specced yoyos!

He would’ve won had he used the Yeti.

Kinda like Jensen using a North Star in 2010?

LOL, I don’t think Jensen was with CLYW back then…

ik. He was with yoyofactory. Then he switched to clyw. I was referring to the plastics thing where someone said that Zach would’ve won with a yeti.

Ah. Sorry. But Jensen is Jensen, he can win with a rock.

or just the string.

I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that he won using his belt.

this is true.



That’s sick!

Introducing Jensen Kimmit’s new signature!

Fanboys would buy it.