Zach Gormley's YoYo Choice @ WYYC 2013

Hahaha :slight_smile:

pootie tang.i just died XD

Now is is what really makes sense to me…thanks PajamaMan! While I thought that this yoyo choice would hurt the company, it is actually helping the company! Quite smart marketing actually.

I thought the Cascade won Yoyo of the Year 2012.

Quite sure it was the AC.

Ah, yes, went back and checked, you are correct. Pardon my mistake.

It’s ok, mistakes are made. :slight_smile:

Zach can use whatever yoyo he wants, as long as it’s CLYW as far as I know. As many said, preferences change. He may just be feeling the BVM2 right now. Either way, I’m sure it’s all good with Chris and pretty much whoever else.