YYSL Type 1 and 2?

Does YYSL still make and sell type 1 and type 2?

Type X has pretty much taken over the demand for Type 1 and 2. I won’t leave people out in the cold if they prefer them though.

How soft is Type 1 compared to Type X and Ammo?

Pretty similar, especially compared to the wide range of strings out there. I feel like Type X and Ammo slide over my fingers a little easier than Type 1.

Type 2 was my favorite string ever until Type X came out. A lot of the time with string there will be something that I prefer about one kind more than another but I really felt Type X was just a straight up better string than Type 2 in that everything I liked about Type 2 was just as good/better and that Type X had no drawback as far as my preferences went.

I’ve mostly been throwing Venom lately…still not sure if I prefer it to Type X even after using it on most my main throws for a few months. It’s awesome in the sweet spot but I feel like it takes longer to get there than Type X did. Might just be me, though.