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Which one is better for me: venom, ammo, or type x? I want a string that has tight binds, good for whips, slacks, does not snag, and holds tension well, durable, and soft.

(major_seventh) #2

Any of those.

(YoYoStringLab) #3

Ammo has tighter binds and is a slightly softer option, if you don’t do a lot of layers, but it sounds like Venom might be the sweet spot for your list. Type X hits all those buttons, but the other two have the edge with slacks & whips.


Ammo is thick, venom is as good as ammo, but without that ammo thickness. I have never tried type-x. But from what I read, ammo comes from type-x formula. I could be wrong though.


Ammo is on my list to try. I like both Venom and Type X, the Venom is a bit thicker and does slacks a bt easier, but Type X also handles whatever I throw at it. If you have the cash, buy a 10 pack of each to try. Otherwise, send me a PM, and I will send you a couple of Venom and Type X strings for you to try.



What’s a pm?


private message

edit: You have posted 34 questions in this thread in only a month