Ammo, Venom, or Plutonium?


I’m going to get another 100 fat nylon kitty string but I thought I’d try something new too. I’m a pretty slow learner and I only throw about 45 mins every two days so I don’t need high end but I want to try some anyway.

Oh yeah, I’m only half way through the advanced tricks checklist. Recommendations?


(InvaderDust) #2

instead of a bulk 100 pack, try 10 different 5 packs, or 5 different 10 packs to expand your flavor choices. the more the merrier until you find your real favorites.


That sounds like a plan!


I can tell you Ammo is probably the fattest / thickest of those three. I have used venom a tiny bit (and I liked it), but never the newest Even Nagao Plutonium ones.

Of Ammo / Venom I’d pick Ammo just because I like a fat string (it is most equivalent to XL on the Kitty side)

YoYoStringLab - New Formula

Thanks for responding, I’m going with Dust’s suggestion and try both of those and others(Plutonium for sure).

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

I use Type X strings on nearly all my yoyos. However, I like to put Plutonium on yoyos with a really wide gap (4.75mm or wider) because it is just a little thicker than Type X and that helps with binds.

I also have a single tube of Ammo but have not yet tried it.


Oh yeah @MattB summarized in YoYoStringLab - New Formula

AMMO - This is a thick version of Type X that I did for JD. Super nice for slack, but if you do a lot of layers in the gap, you have to be on top of your game. Softest of them all.

Venom - Eric Koloski wanted something for his slack style, and if possible in a regular thickness, so we came up with Venom. It slacks more like AMMO, but about the same thickness as Type X. It’s softish, but not as soft as Type X.

Plutonium - Evan Nagao tried out the existing types, and based on his thoughts, I did string variants and tensions to eventually come up with Plutonium. It’s slightly thicker than Type X and Venom without feeling big. The tension is tuned to Evan’s preference. It’s softer than basic string, but Type X is slightly softer than Plutonium. So it’s a nice balance of performance and feel.

Here’s a closeup pic I’ve been meaning to take from the $9.25 YYSL sampler pack which is a fantastic starting point:

outside lighting

inside lighting

blue Type X standard, soft
green Venom more slack-y, less soft
yellow Plutonium fatter, less soft
red AMMO fattest, softest

So basically Type X and Venom are roughly regular kitty thickness (though a tiny bit fatter) whereas Venom is more like kitty fat and AMMO is definitely kitty XL.

Comparing string thickness / fatness?

I bought a 10 pack of each, tried X and am working on Ammo. I was gonna buy a 100 of whichever I end up liking best but they last so long I might just get a 50 pack.


I like AMMO a lot but as much as I love teh fatness I am thinking it is a tiny bit too fat in the long run for some yo-yos. So I’m migrating towards plutonium at this point, need to test it out some more.

(I think Type X is a bit too thin for modern wide-gap unresponsives, so as you can see I prefer my porridge neither too hot, nor too cold… :bowl_with_spoon:)


I got two packs of TypeX last time, one in orange and one in blue lagoon. Strangely they felt pretty different … dunno why.

(YoYoStringLab) #11

Neon Orange seems to be the one color that people find different than the others. When I am looking and holding it, it feels slightly drier?, if that makes sense. I can’t always tell if I close my eyes, mix them up and try to pick it by feel, so the difference isn’t super obvious.