Yoyo String Lab Ammo or Kitty String Nylon 1.5

I would like to know which string is thicker, or if there is a different string brand that y’all recommend please post below.

I like 1.5 personally, however it isn’t very thick. Haven’t used Ammo so I have no ability to compare.

Ammo starts out about like kitty fat but plays out fast. Nylon 1.5 is my favorite out of the two.

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I agree

Ammo wears out faster than kitty fat? I can destroy a kitty fat string in an hour or two…

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I don’t think it’s the fact it wears out faster but the tension causes the thickness to shrink prematurely. And it does not come back. Im sorry for the crappy description but that’s the best I can do.

No, that totally makes sense now that you said it like that! :slight_smile:

I much prefer ammo, but I’m not a huge fan of any kitty string. I don’t have as much time to throw as some folks, so I don’t go through as much string and I have no problem spending a little extra on string. Ammo is thicker of the two, but venom falls in between and it’s one of my favorites. If a yoyo has a wide gap I’ll use ammo

Ammo hands down if you don’t mind paying the extra money.

Ammo is thicker. It is very similar to kitty xl. I like kitty xl a bit better. Lasts about the same as kitty. I personally think it is not worth the money but try em out.