YoYoStringLab - New Formula

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I have been working in the “Lab” on a new string! Last year a collaboration began with an incredible top thrower to develop a signature string formula. It’s finally done and we’re super excited about the results. The few people that have got their hands on it reported back that they really like the way it performs. The good news is that I sent a big box to YoYoExpert recently, so it will be available soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal.


Sounds exciting, and can’t wait to try!

Why so secretive with the top thrower? I bet I know who it is… :wink:

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Anticipation is half of the fun. :wink:


Lol, I was completely thrown off by “top Thrower”!

I thought you were talking about Chris Neff, an incredible top thrower, who makes great top string! Thought you’d come up with a different winding configuration, inspired by his top strings.

New string looks nice, though. I love both Venom and Ammo. I like them in general, but they are my absolute favorites for responsive bearing.

Can’t wait to try the new string!

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“Top thrower” :D, sounds like something I would have done. Not sure Evan throws tops, but he is a top thrower for sure. Super nice to work with.


Matt, now that the Plutonium strings have been released can you confirm that they are thicker than Venom?


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Yes, they are thicker than Venom, but not as thick as AMMO.


I’ve only ever tried Type 1, Type 2, and Type X. How do the newer strings compare?


Thanks! Sounds like I need to order some!

Ammo, Venom, or Plutonium?
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AMMO - This is a thick version of Type X that I did for JD. Super nice for slack, but if you do a lot of layers in the gap, you have to be on top of your game. Softest of them all.

Venom - Eric Koloski wanted something for his slack style, and if possible in a regular thickness, so we came up with Venom. It slacks more like AMMO, but about the same thickness as Type X. It’s softish, but not as soft as Type X.

Plutonium - Evan Nagao tried out the existing types, and based on his thoughts, I did string variants and tensions to eventually come up with Plutonium. It’s slightly thicker than Type X and Venom without feeling big. The tension is tuned to Evan’s preference. It’s softer than basic string, but Type X is slightly softer than Plutonium. So it’s a nice balance of performance and feel.


Thanks. Picked up a vial of Plutonium so I’m eager to see how it compares!

Regardless, nothing but YYSL for me 8)


Picked up a new YYSL sampler pack so I can finally compare all the “flavors” directly.

See Ammo, Venom, or Plutonium?

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As did I. I’m curious when they will make a string geared towards 2a.

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Toshiaki Onuma uses Type X for 2a.