yoyo string labs questions


Is the venom or ammo string made of nylon or something else?

Also, what is the difference between the two?

I have some cloud string (both the thick and normal) - how is the thickness of the venom or ammo string compare? Cloud string is kind of pricey, so I don’t want to buy a ton of it (though i like it alot).


I’ll let others comment about how they like it, but I can answer your questions about materials and comparisons between the two. Venom and Ammo are both made of polyester, but different types.

Ammo is thicker and slightly softer. It was originally developed for JD, since he liked my string, but he wanted a thicker string that’s good for his slack style of play. Its thickness is also good for creative and horizontal binds. If you like to get lots of layers into the gap, its thickness might be more challenging.

Venom was formulated for Eric Koloski. He also has a slack style of play but was really happy with a new string under development that had the slack ability of Ammo, but in a regular thickness. It became his signature string.

Both have a good balance of controlled slack speed. Not too lightning fast, not to weak or slow.

Thank you

I am a huge YYSL fan, but, my favorite is their Type X (in fact, that is the yellow string on any of my yoyos).

For me, Ammo felt too thick (but, that was my opinion). Venom is my second favorite, I’m not sure what it is that makes it second favorite. Eric does amazing tricks with Venom, but, he could probably do similar tricks using cordage from plant fibers he harvested in the woods).

Let me know when you will be around, we have all 3 types of YYSL, happy to give you some to try and formulate your own opinion.


Cool, I’ll probably be at a2z in 2 weeks