Type X or Ammo ?

Hello ! I’m going to order string soon and the 50 packs of ammo/type x were at the right moment for me,I have already tried ammo once and I liked it but the type x are cheaper.I would like to know how they compare in thickness,longevity and slickness.Also,how do they compare to buddah,I’m also getting some of them and was thinking about getting type x because they are thinner (I think).

I was hoping someone would give some independent input for you, but to answer your question, Ammo is a thicker version of Type X with the tension slightly tweaked to JD’s preference. Type X is a regular sized string. Ammo feels just slightly softer, but only marginally due to being thicker. Ammo’s thickness is great for slacks, but Type X still throws slack like basic string. Both have the performance and feel that people seem to really like. Some sponsored players use the Type X more, so it isn’t a lesser string than Ammo, just different. Ammo lasts a little longer due to its thickness.