At CAL States, I got two yoyo string lab string samples. Ammo and Type X, I believe. One was lime-ish green and the other was bright, standard color yellow. I recently used the yellow one, and really really liked it. Now I can’t tell them apart, so I don’t know which one to buy. I want to get some more of the yellow kind, but I don’t know if it’s ammo or type x.
Anybody who was at cal states or knows what I’m talking about, could you please tell me which one the yellow string was? Thanks.


I’m not yet familiar with the feel of the strings, but I was recently made aware that Ammo is thicker than Type X… It’s probably very slight but perhaps you can compare them side by side?


I would also check the thickness: ammo is thicker
Edit did not read the above post but he is right. Sorry for being redundant.


Thank you very much, guys! I think that the one I want to buy was Type X. It seemed a bit thinner to me… Thanks again!

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The samples for Type X were Lemon Lime, and AMMO was Neon Yellow (and definitely thicker).


Wow really? Ok thanks!