Ammo over type x? NEED HELP!


Hey there everyone, I have already tried yysl type x and love it except for its thickness which is why I’m worried about not liking ammo. :-\ If someone could post some pictures comparing the two formats new plus with maybe some regular poly in the pics that would be great!
Input helps to! Thanks!


I will take some comparison pictures later on, but I can tell you very simply that AMMO is much thicker than Type X and more than twice as thick as a standard bulk poly string. If you don’t like thick string, you won’t like AMMO.


It’s not quite twice as thick, unless we’ve been using different bulk poly. But it is certainly significantly thicker than both Type X and bulk poly.


Top: Normal Kitty, never used,

Middle: YYSL Type X, used very little.

Last: YYSL Ammo, used very little.

Not the best to see the thickness but hope it helps.


This helps, and it isn’t too snaggy or responsive, right?


I really liked the feel and the play of the ammo. My only problem with it is that it isn’t really long enough for me. If you like longish strings this may not be the one for you. Outside of that it’s good, especially when compared to other thicker strings.


Like any string that has good tension management and aren’t “slick”, sometimes really intricate tricks tend to get wambled up. The main trick that I’m doing right now that causes this is Montgomery Twist, which relies on a fairly substantial false knot being able to come undone. I find the Ammo sometimes stays in the false knot and I have to fiddle with it (and interrupt my combo) to get it undone.

Starting the trick with neutral tension and being a bit more aggressive with it usually works, but I still find it snaggling up a bit.

It doesn’t seem to be more “responsive” though.

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Curiously, Ammo is only about 17% thicker than Type X, but it definitely feels like it’s thicker than that difference.


I’m definitely up to trying some, but it’s almost all out of stock here on yye!

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Shipping a bunch to YYE as we speak.


Matt are you also shipping any Green Type X to YYE? I’ve been holding off on my purchase because I need Green Type X.

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Yes a bunch of Lemon Lime.


Thanks for replying.