whats your fav string and why?

Hey guys, so, I’ve been going to the yoyo museum on Saturdays, and when I need strings I buy them from there. But the only strings they have are Chico yoyo co. Strings. Those are okay, but I want something better. I’ve heard good things about type X, ammo,kitty, and another one, forgot it though :stuck_out_tongue: so which is best? I like the string to last pretty long, be kinda soft,handle string tensen and stuff.

I use YYSL AMMO for my 3 most favorite throws for its really soft feel, decent whips, and good at holding tension. I use my bulk JAMS strings for the rest of my throws for it’s soft feel and is great at holding tension.

Soooo, ammo or jams?
Im looking at ammo.
Also guys, I kinda want a cheap one.

I use YoYoStringLab Type X. Whips beautifully, holds string tension like a pro, lasts for a while and comes in great colors. If you’re more partial to wider yoyos, I suggest Ammo. Holds tension beautifully, it’s whips are INSANE (because of the thickness of it) and it’s just great string.

But most people use Kitty String and they really like it. It really depends on your play style and how whippy, bouncy, technical etc. your tricks are. In my experience, Type X and Ammo whip better than KS, but maybe that’s just me.

Oh, also a guy I used to know said yoyoexpert string is awesome, is it?? But im thinking about ammo, thanks.

I really like the old YYN poly stuff, but I only have about 20 left. Whatever it was, it was super soft and whipped well for me. I had to replace it a couple times a day but it was worth it. I haven’t found anything similar now days, and everything that I try is wound super tight and a little rough; however, the new stuff has more endurance I believe.

Jams if you don’t want to spend much, ammo if it doesn’t matter.

My favorite string is Expert Strings…but it is also the only string that I have tried that isn’t a generic bulk type. Honestly though, it is good. It is slick and it holds tension pretty well. Plus it feels new for a long time. I have been playing an Expert String for hours and it is still like new.

I’ve always been a fan of toxics. They have a nice, unique feeling to them. From my expierience, they also last MUCH longer than other strings like kitty and YYSL. Also, they are really nice with slacks and whips

My favorite would be kitty string. Its strong and lasts for a long time.

My Favorite is Yoyoexpert Bulk Polyester.

It’s really cheap and does it’s job.

And I dont like that weird Slick feeling of kitty string. I think it’s gross.

I really like that string too.

Yeah, kitty string is awesome, I just hate that oily feeling it has. :frowning:

No i mean the yoyoexpert bulk. I havent tried anything else (other than some unknown awesome string)

If you really like yye poly, YYSL AMMO would blow your mind…

Ug there are so many strings i have to try.

Kitty string 1.5
100 pack
-Pretty cheap
-Holds tension well
-Mix of poly and Nylon

Twisted stringz type a1. Whips great, slacks great, holds tension great, lasts forever.

-Great for whips
-Not hard on your hands
-Long lasting
-Thickness makes trick binds easier after long combos