Favorite yoyo string

What’s your favorite 1a yoyo string?

YoYoStringLab AMMO

I just love the feel of it. Its not a gimmicky string, it just plays like a great string should. Its really soft, decent at whips and slacks, and the extra thickness is nice for better, tighter, more consistent binds

Grand Rapids String Co. By Jacob Elliott

Crocostrings. Any of the 4 kinds.


not biased or anything

Kitty Fat

Well its true! They are my favorite strings that I’ve tried.

For a while it was yysl type x. Then yysl venom. Not its prob crocosring fantasy chords! (Lol)

Stuff is the bees knees. (Literally, I think Croco might have used knee joints a of bees in the string)

(Also ps: I’m not saying that yysl or any other strings are “bad”, and I’m still gonna use up all my other strings, I’m just saying… Croco is my current fave, as we all have faves

Haha thank you! And they are called fantasy chords.

Toxic Dragons! Just wish they came in neon yellow… How are the metz compared to them?

Softer, not as slick as dragons. Doesnt whip as well, but still alright. Slacks are pretyy good

Well to be fair he hasnt tried many strings outside of kitty…

U need to actually try his string to understand :wink:

To be honest, I hate almost every “high quality” string, I generally don’t like their feel.

I like the Kitty, fat and normal, though, but having to shorten them every single time I change them is boring. So instead I play with GT or standard unbranded 100% poly my favorite store carries.

YYSL Venom. I’ve slowly given away my other random leftover fresh strings with yoyos I’ve sold/traded, aside from a lot of Chaos 422/622 that I’m keeping, I love how it plays but it stays too rough for too long. Ordered a 100 pack of Venom this week (first time ordering a 100 pack of string since 2008) which will likely last 2+ years so I pretty much consider it a lifetime supply.

I’ve tried a lot of string and while some may be slightly better in some categories, nothing holds string tension, stays soft, whips/slacks well and lasts as long as Venom. Takes only a few throws to break in and plays just as well from then up until it gets furry, grey and all around gross. It does lose its “new string bounce” after a while but that’s not a game changing characteristic for me. Everyone has their own preferences, but Venom really feels like the perfect all around string for all the things I care about.

+1 for truth

My favorite string is the stuff i make at home

The stuff i always go back to, even after trying other strings … Yocala.

I really like the snake bite string, just wish they were longer. Yysl type x is pretty good. Need to try more kinds.

There are so many strings out there. Of the few names I have tried I am happiest with Kitty and String Shack. At least for now.

Toxic Dragons whip and last way better and longer than venom, not just slightly better :stuck_out_tongue:

J-Slicks is where its at!