Favorite yoyo string

It’s a shame they have possibly the worst tension holding ability of any string on the market. And to be honest they really whip too fast for me.

My fac strings are the God Trick strings, the yellow and the green, and i prefer the Green (more heavy and more fat)
Perfect strings for slacks, sucides and whips.
And low cost :slight_smile:

Inverse type X it’s the only mass produced left handed string that’s easy to obtain.

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If u pm mattb he would make u inverse ammo and venom as well

Kitty nylon Is my fave right now

Depends on the yoyo.

Heavier playing throws- AMMO

Floaty- Type x or Venom

Middle- Venom

I have to agree with Zort Commander, it really does depend on the YoYo and its weight.

I haven’t tried any string that I didn’t like, but I find I use a lot of Toxic “Great Whites”, Twisted “Trixta’s”, and Toxic “BG1’s”.
I also use a lot of Ammo’s on my heavier throws…Great String !! As is the Venoms.

There is so much great string available right now though, and I love trying everything.