What is your favorite string ?

What is your favorite string and why ? Looking to get opinions on everyone’s favorite brand and material.

Snake bite Yoyo string I endorse this great string company.:blush:100% polyester two tone I have another hundred pack of blood black coming in the mail either tomorrow or sometime next week.

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Big Bang bandalores string theory string.
Reason I enjoy them:

  • lasts a very very long time (going on 6 months for my first string on a yoyo that gets played quite often)
  • whips super fast
  • bright colors that also last a long time (6 months and still bright yellow)
  • the science based names

Depends on the yoyo, but I️ will use tabbystrings, heartstrings, or string theory. I️ also want to try the spool thread stuff

I may be a little biased on this one, since HeartStrings are tailored to my liking on a personal level, I will add some noteworthy favorites Ive happened across.

Angel Hair. Nothing else like em. Most people hated em, I loved them!
Nearly impossible to get these days, PM me if you want some though. I bought a hundred pack a while back and ill never use them all! Super hard string. I liked the feeling. Takes some getting used to but can be spoiling!

Spool Thread. I was a tester early on for these and was really happy to see him do well and continue the project. Good stuff! Super soft and kushy. Fun color combos.

Cloud String (v1) Although, these days knowing what i know about making string, I could never justify that price for ONE string, that being said. . . they were my go to string for a while and I bought bunches of them. Unique feel and bounce, crazy good life. If you want to feel ritzy, these are the gold covered ice cream sunday you read about. Its good, but not THAT good. The V2s lived a very short time before fraying, sadly, but they played as well as i’d hoped, just didnt live on and on like the older versions did.

Strings that I have tried and didn’t love the long term?
Happy Mountain, Type X, Ammo, Toxic BG1, Toxic Dragon, Snake Bites were all good but I just gained a preference for slicker non fuzzy strings. One that burns less and whips faster.

I learned that Nylon is my friend and good buddy.

Strings that I tried and really did not like?
Pretty much any bulk string ive tried. If it need to be replaced in an hour or two of hard play, I am not interested. I am not a fan of the extremely popular kitty string, however I have not tried their nylon version, which I hear good things.

After trying so many string types (several unlisted, many forgotten), do i regret buying any of them?
No regrets, just lessons learned and preferences dialed. You cant really find a string you know you like until you play a string you know you hate. That basis of comparison is invaluable!


Kitty string XL for most throws, and kitty string Fat for small bearing throws.

Ape hangers. Lasts for about a week, so soft & fluffy, whips nice, really bright & easy to see.

When it comes to bulk string, nothing beats Kitty.

For bulk string I would really have to say blueprint :wink: maybe kitty 1.5, maybe.

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stringlab type x. still my fav


I like normal Kitty string. Im not a fan of thick string. Thick strings will make certain tricks easier but i just dont like how thicker strings will make a narrow gapped yoyo to responsive.

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A yellow nylon string with blue speckles I made a couple weeks ago. Not because it’s inherently better than any of the other strings I’ve made, but because, for some reason, I decided to cut it a little longer than usual. I think because of that little bit of extra slack, I started hitting a couple tricks I’ve been struggling with. I’m starting to understand that there’s a reason a lot of players prefer longer strings.

YYSL type X for bearing yoyos.
homemade cotton for wood fixed axle

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Zipline strings

Or MonkeyFingeR Ape Hangers

Fat kitty nylon and type 10 cotton for wood.


Zipline Strings allday.

just placed my first order. i’m looking forward to trying them

I’m loving my heart strings that I got recently! :slight_smile: I haven’t had enough time to really get to know them but they are giving my string theory a run for their money. Thanks again Dust!

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Monkeyfinger Vines. They do well with slack and whip tricks.

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Love yoyostringlab strings, all of them have an excellent build quality, great color selections and last a while. For most of my string trick yo-yos I use type x, it has a good medium thickness and plays fast. The plutonium is good for a thicker string and if you like more spring and whippiness from your string, it’s Evan Nagao’s signature so if you have seen how he plays and like how his string plays this is for you. I have not tried the venom strings but the ammo is right between the type x and plutonium. I like it for offstring because it’s just a little thicker than kitty and great for catches and binds with that style of play. It’s also good for string tricks.

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