Favorite String?


What is your favorite string for 1a? I have only ever used cotton strings and YYE polyester, so I am trying to collect opinions.


kitty string


GRYC powercord L and thin diamond string, but I’m a little bit biased.


haha. yeah, i see.


Big Yoyo String Type 3. Lol but I too am biased


kitty thin strings, toxic strings(normal or bg1)


Right now, probably Modman10’s new string. Thinner than most, has a unique feel, great for slacks. I like it!


Kitty Strings normal thickness poly in neon yellow or neon orange.



Oh great you got it if you want more its 2.50$ for a pack of 5


Epic string, but I need a name for it.

(Jerrod) #11



Kitty string fat

Be sure to throw in a konkave bearing :wink:


I throw YoYoStringLab all day long



I’ve been using Yocala poly lately. I used to go through a lot of strings, but this stuff lasts forever for me.