So I see that the draupnir is everyone’s favorite yoyo. I can’t find anywhere to get one


It’s because that it’s everyone’s favorite YoYo, that you can’t find anywhere to buy one.

Cause & Affect…

Just be patient and keep your eyes open, they will eventually release some more.


On a completely different topic, what is he best thin lube


One Drop V4m or Gorillius Lubricus


Every once and a while one will pop up on the BST’s. Just gotta keep a lookout!


Imo slacklines are the best for whips and such

(major_seventh) #7

What’s the best bearing?



SPEC, Konkave, CT, CTX, Trifecta… all of them.


‘Everyone’s favorite yoyo’.



Who’s the prettiest woman?




What is everyones favorite vegetable that is often mistaken for as a fruit, that is high in fiber, and can be grown in California’s climate?


Amazing that you ask that! Why, just earlier today, I had that very vegetable. I was afraid I might drop it. So I tied a string around it. Incredibly, a complete stranger walked up and told me he found my vegetable string setup very interesting. He asked me if he could try it. He told me, 'I bet I could walk the dog with that sucker. I hesitated because I didn’t want him to mangle my vegetable.
His mommy stormed up to me and said, ‘If you don’t let my son give the vegetable a spin, then Sir, you are a Loser.’.