What smoothest and longest sleeping bearing/response/lube/string?

It’s mostly a preference, but i like:

Twisted trifecta/K-pads/V4M/YYSL Type X.

It really is a preference though.

the general consensus is that Terrapin X bearing/dry lube is the best. they can be found on ebay for a relatively good price. a good lube would also be Gorillus lubricus by MonkeyfingeR. the best repines would probably be flowable silicone, but you would have to apply that yourself, if you don’t want to do that, the CBC slim and broad pads would be a good suggestion. string? just buy bulk string. there really isn’t a huge difference.

It’s all preference. in my play style, string makes ALL the difference.
Terrapins are nice, but i just prefer the Trifecta. I hate flowable silicon in my yoyos, i prefer pads greatly.

Like i said, ALL preference.

String makes a GIGANTIC difference in play. I can’t do some of my whips on bulk poly, I have to use my own homemade string.

how do I make a yoyo string

Here ya go

i like center tracks, yyf lube, yyf natural pads or one drop flow groove and white timeless string

although i use different lube and string for different yoyos and bearings

I like to make my own string too. :slight_smile:

my vid didn’t show up :-\