Bearing condition check.


Hello Guys,
I have a Yoyofactory Whip for quite some time and I almost ran out of the strings that I ordered with it. So i decided to purchase a lube. But first I want to know if the bearing really needs lube or maybe its done and the lube won’t even help. This video I show you the yoyo and I also want to ask why EVERY throw I throw the string always go to one side pretty much touching it untill the yoyo stops. even though I feel like I’m throwing a pretty straight throw its still going to one side.

Another one, I want to buy a pack of 100 strings and a lube I want the lube to extend the life of the bearing, get longer sleep times and get it to play smoother than it is now, So I have two options - Yoyofactory performance oil or yoyojam thin lube.(which one will be better for my need and for my specific yoyo)
As for the strings I pretty much decided about the kitty strings (If you think there are some better strings on the same price I would love if you posted it here) So I wanted to know if the nylon kitty strings are better than the 100% poly? because they are the same price and I want the better one for strings tricks.
Here I have a poorly filmed video of a throw to show you the noise the bearing make and the throw (I filmed it with my phone and with my other hand while throwing.
So to sum up - 1. Whats lube\oil from the ones above is better for me
2. What string will be better for me? kitty nylon or kitty poly (or any other string on that
same price.
3. My bearing needs lube? will it help? is it done and even lube won’t help it? Is it ok?
Also sorry if I have some spelling mistakes - English is not my main language.
The video :
Thanks a lot, xaviv!


Just ur throw

  1. Don’t know

  2. Nylon lasts longer and whips better

  3. All flat bearings do that. As long as its not responsive, you don’t have to do anything, although lube is a good idea.


Ok thanks, any more about the lube type and string ?


Well its your throw. You’ll make your throw better overtime.

You could get Onedrop v4m lube instead of the ones listed above. Its better. In my opinion.

Get kitty poly.

No your bearing does not need lube but its totally optional. It will quiet down the bearing and make it last longer but may need break in time. If you do use v4m apply barely even a drop. Some poeple apply lube a different way by opening up the bearing, dipping a pin in the lube, and rubbing only two balls in the bearing. No pun intended.


No, flat bearings do not do that. If u have a bad throw they do. I only use flate bearings and 3/4s of the time my string is perfectly centered




In regards with to string, forget about Kitty, go for Candy Wires E-Type. I just got both of them in the mail today. The Kitty String was really rough and didn’t hold tension very well. The Candy Wires hold tension great, and feel much better on the hands, both softer and slicker than the Kitty.


string perference is all up to the person and what you do for string tricks so try a few out and see what you like better but kitty string 100% poly is a good all rounder also lube will slow down a bearing not make it spin faster.


It’s your throw. Lubing a bearing or getting new string have absolutely no correlation as to how straight your throw is. Just practice.