String and lube

I have a yoyofactory Whip and I want to order pack of 100 strings, so which strings are better? kitty or candy wires?
Which lube is better? v4m.yyf performance oil or yyj thin lube?
I also think about buying yoyofactory one gacek edition, this way I get a center track bearing for my whip (or for the one if I like it when advanced) and the responsive one to practice my breakaway since its pretty bad…What you think about this idea?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Most people, including me, prefer kitty string

I think yyj thin lube

And I actually dont think this is a good idea… First off, when you get advanced, I’d rather have a WHiP,not a one. And just buy a new bearing, there like $5…when you want a new yoyo, then post a different thread ;D

Out of your choices, kitty is preferred by most people. I, however, recommend good old YYE 100 poly string. For lube, i wouldn’t worry too much about that. Just get a bottle of YYJ thin. I think the one is a great idea. The one costs the same (or cheaper?) than a center trac, right? So it’s a steal. Definitely pop that into your whip to practice some more advance tricks. However, you may want to upgrade soon, so keep that in mind.