String Selection for String Play


Hey guys, This is my First Post!

I just got my One-Drop M1 back up with some new response pads. I am trying to to figure out which strings to buy and really wanted some Blueprint but they are out of stock!

Of the things in Stock on the YoYo Expert store, what would you guys recommend for Strings for string play. I dont really see anything labeled Type - 8 or what I read “Thin” from the notable brands so i am having trouble making a decision. I think i am going to go with YYF Oil for lube.

Cheers and Glad to be here!


Fat Kitty string and yyj lube is what I use


Does the “Fat” not play as will for String play as a “Thin”, this is where i am having some confusion.


It’s all preference, I use fat the most but I have some slim. Both are great, they come in packs of 10 so I’d get a couple of each.

I used yyj thin for years but I have a bottle of yyf lube I’ve been using now. Honestly don’t notice a big difference, using a very small amount is key. Your m1 will play better with a tiny drop.


Can’t go wrong with kitty. I recommend trying some of the varieties and see which one you like the most for your playstyle


I suggest Fat Kitty String. Most people use Fat or XL Kitty as opposed to thin or even the regular because they provide better binds and whips and slacks are a little better. I don’t know anyone that uses thin Kitty as their standard string of choice.


Having tried kitty fat and normal, i think they’re good strings but not the best. I use yyj thin lube. 1 bottle will last forever.


They’re good enough. Not everyone wants to spend 2-3+ times the price of kitty for the best string. I’m also assuming the OP is an intermediate so string quality isn’t the most important thing in the world.


I honestly don’t seem to find string to be that big of a deal. I have tried probably 20 or so types and I always come back to the basic kitty string selection. Why? Price and accessibility. I can easily get it whenever I need it and don’t have to go looking all over the Internet for it. I can have string easily for all my yoyos without having to spend a “bunch” on it. And to be 100% honest, I’m not good enough to be effected by all the differences.

Get yourself a 100 pack of something and go for it. Don’t like it? Try something else and come back and try that string later.


I agree. I prefer higher-end strings but i am perfectly content using whatever random string i have sitting around at the time.


Thanks for everyone’s Input! Here’s the stuff I went with today to get my M1 back in order.

YYF Performance Oil × 1
Long Spin (thinner)

Kitty String - 10 Pack (MIX) × 1
Yellow/Black MIX

Crucial Grooved Bearing × 1

Heard some good stuff about the Crucial Grooved Bearing and my Konkaves arent in great shape so i will clean them when the oil gets here.


Great choices! :slight_smile: hope you like it all! :slight_smile:


it’s pretty much all the same these days. i like fat kitty because it gives tighter binds on the ridiculously huge gaps that yoyos have now. i don’t suffer when i use thinner string though.


The kitty fat nylon is pretty great.
As for lube, I run all my bearings clean. (or with dry lube)