Is my order good?


So im ordering my biggest order so far (the other one was 10$ o yyf whip)
of about 90$ and i want to ask your opinion on it

  • the onedrop rally
  • 100 neon yellow kitty string fat type
  • v4m onedrop lube
  • 4 flow groove response pads for the rally
  • onedrop 10-ball bearing
    and thats it! what you think about the string and lube choise? and the overall order?


Looks good to me. I’d definitely order as much as I could so as to save on overseas shipping. I’m sure you already know that though.


yea that why i also ordered the response pads…
but you think geting the fat kitty is a smart choise? im at about itermediate level and will the fat kitty go with the rally\10 ball onedrop bearing well? i just tried the regular 10 strings that i got with my yoyo untll now. i tried to make myself some string and didn’t like the typ 8 i made much but the problem is that i don’t know if this is because i probably made a bad string… and alot of people say fat is better for slacks an suicides are those popular tricks?


Fat is an awesome string. For multi-layered tech, you might eventually find yourself using normal, but I generally prefer Fat. It’ll do everything you need it to!


I use regular, but I have fat for my wider gapped throws too.


As far as string thickness goes, it’s all a matter of preference. I, personally, am a fan of thin, because my tricks are quick and use a lot of string loops. Maybe fat is the string for you! Most of all, try new things.


If you like that assortment, then it’s awesome. I can’t find any faults with it.

I don’t really think you’ll need the lube, but heck, it will last a very long time and you may need it at some point anyways.


The fat type aren’t bad though.


I like the fat too. Another option for you is order a ten pack of the normal as well. Then you can compare and know which you prefer.


and with the v4m I bought a bottle about a year ago and with regular maintanace it’s about half gone. along with being used to clean all my one drop side effects tapers.


I love Kitty Fat, but the gap on my Rally will jam up with fat kitty… Been running normal Kitty just fine, also deshielded the 8ball bearing and it’s a beast. No real need for a 10ball, but they are cheap enough. :slight_smile:

Can’t put the Rally down, got it at the same time as my Chief… Played the Chief a few hours total maybe, the rally easily twice that! It’s so good!!! :slight_smile:


Also if you’re paying for shipping anyways… You might as well throw a surge and a fat shim set ($1) and a slim shim set ($1.)

It’s awesome as well, not Rally awesome… But very nice…period! No matter the price, it’s just a “fun” throw :slight_smile: