String and response for rally


So im ordering a onedrop rally and i want to order kitty strings. so what type should i get to the rally?
and should i get the spare 4 onedrop groove response pads? after how long will the rally stock ones wear out?


String is a hard question to answer because it is all about preference. I let people try my Rally at a contest today and people either liked or hated the type of string I hate on it. (for the record, thin variant Toxic Snake String).

It is always good to have extra pads on hand. I have quite a few One Drops and rarely have to change the pads, they last a good while. I maybe change them after 6 months of play… if that.


wait you were at Ohio states?

Did i see you…?


i’m not sure. I was the tall guy in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. I didn’t get a chance to stay for the whole contest. Between my allergies keeping me up and having to get back to help get my daughter ready for band camp tomorrow I ended up leaving around 2:30PM. I had a blast while I was there.


Yep I saw you all right.

I was the kid with the Buzz cut, blue yoyoexpert case.

Throwing a rally… Black/purple High tops/

Yeah I did see you :smiley:


Also, the OD Rally takes Flowgrooves.

Kitty string should work fine for this yoyo.


I replaced the bearing with a KK… The stock bearing is fine but I wanted it to be a tad more stable and with the smaller gap the KK helps it spin longer. Also I am running Fat Kitty and loving it (the KK helps that)

As for response… Flow Groove pads last forever… Like… forever…


How did you get thin Snakes? I emailed Toxic Strings asking if they had any they would sell me, but never got a reply.


They are still considered prototype. Evan made some for me to see if I liked them since I am a member of the Toxic team. I loved them so he continues to make them for me. We still don’t know if they will make it to market.



I hope they do make it through the process. BG1’s and Snakes are my favorite strings, and as soon as I heard that there is a thinner version of the Snakes I wanted to get some badly. Thanks for the info.



Sounds like something I need for my Surge. Also wanna know if Zypes will ever be released!



Last time I heard, Paul Dang was slaving away making hundreds of them.


So the fat kitty will work well with he stock bearing?


Yes it will work fine…


Flow groove pads will last for a VERY long time.



This actually made me laugh, and it’s hard for written word to make me laugh. What are Zypes though, I’ve never heard of them?