Best Gear

out of all the equipment you have which do you like the best out of each category? ex) lube, yoyo, bearing, response pad, string etc…

i like the Nightmare by yoyofactory. light but powerful. the spike bit is also painful if you try and fail doing a horizontal grind. too bad my axle is screwed up. RIP 2016-6-2

lighter fluid by Zippo. XD. i had the gorrilius whatever lube and the onedrop lube. i actually liked the one drop lube but its expensive and kinda hard to clean up if you accidently squirt some. lighter fluid is cheap enough to be used as a bearing cleaner.

Ceramic bearings from shinwoo. nearly every shinwoo product has a ceramic bearing inside. the yoyo itself isnt that bad either. id recomend not using the later zens or zen star1. their walls hurt a lot… annnywaaay the bearing is concave usually, and is ceramic also usually. they spin for a good 30 seconds and the bearing from the techno spins for 40+ seconds if you clean it.

the natural color response pads from yoyofactory. they last long and i just like them for some reason…

kitty string. i bought a pack of 5 types of each string. i do not reccomend using anything with NYLON on it without gloves. it may just be me, but nylon string just hurts a lot. Xtra fat for slack tricks and normal string is pretty good for everything else.

what are your favorites? you dont neccesarily have write one. also respect other peoples opinions. but this is the internet so that aint happening…

btw i didnt know that it cleaned the lubes, i have a bunch of bearings and change them around a lot so i dont notice wear n tear. thanks for the tip tho.

Lube- yoyo jam thin lube. Basic and works for what I need.
Yoyo- clyw Avalanche. Can do anything I want. Good all around player (always looking to get more of them :wink: )
Bearing- center groove
Response pad- whatever is in it
String- kitty nylon 1.5

Just so you know, lighter fluid can work for cleaning a bearing but does NOT lubricate a bearing. In fact…it cleans it from having ANY lubrication. So basically, you have made the statement that you like to run your bearings dry 8)


Lube- onedrop lube (But any kind of thin lube works the same)

Yoyo- C3yoyodesign Radius (For the moment, but my favorite will probably be another yoyo next week)

Bearing- Dif-E-yo ceramic

Response pad- IRpads

String- Kitty string fat, orange or green

It makes no sense whatsoever to use most any solvent like as a lube.

Lube - YYF thin lube

Yoyo - CLYW Bonfire

Bearing - Pixel bearing

Response pad - Snow tires

String - Kitty Fat Neon Yellow

Throw: tough to narrow this one down, because I have 6 favorites. However, the Fulvia BTM-R takes the cake for best playing.

Bearing: full ceramic concave that I got with my Evora. Love the simple maintenance and sound of this bearing, wish they were more readily available.

String: YYSL Ammo. Have a bulk pack of Venom on the way though, which might become my new favorite though.

Response: OD flow groove for full size flow grooves in my Sovereign and Stealthzilla. Wish their 19mm pads were a bit thicker. Also wish IrPads were readily available in 19mm. So Luftverk luftpads are probably my favorite 19mm pad right now, hoping JP puts them up for sale.

Lube: dry for my ceramic bearings or the tiniest drop of MFD Gorilius Lubricus for non-ceramics.