The coolest Yoyo Name

What yoyo do u think has the coolest name

I think the coolest name is the Mighty Flea. Sorry for not putting it in the original post because I forgot

I can’t thikn of many right now so I’m gonna have to go with The Levithian.

whoa what brand of yoyo is that

I can’t completely remember. I believe it’s turning Point though.

I’ve never gotten to try one but I heard it’s absolutely amazing.

Oh yeah. And it’s called the Leviathan. My bad.

just by the name it sound amazing how much do they cost?

I’m not sure because yoyonation is down, (someone correct me if I’m wrong), I think they cost around $120. Good luck finding one though. They sell out fast.

ya yoyonation is down but i will try later it seems like they never have anything in stock

The Turning Point Leviathan retailed for $140.

Speaking of yoyos being hard to get though… does anyone know when Milks are gonna be back in stock (if ever)?


what does it look like

the guy that put the best yoyo company is kind of copying me

Nah. Best yoyo company is a thread that’s made all the time. Along with “What’s the best yoyo?”

oh didnt know that im kind of new here

how many yoyos do you have yoyomaster and what are they?

I’ve got quite a few old ones.

. 1 Yomega Brain
. 2 Duncan Glow Imperials
. 2 Yomega x-brains
. 4 Duncan Butterflies
. about 3 light up random things.

. Black Mamba
. YoyoJam Dark Magic
. Dif-E-Yo Zzzip Fly
. Dif-E-Yo Wide Sport
. CLYW Peak
. YoyoFactory Grind Machine 2
. YoyoFactory 888x

wow thats alot i have

Special Edition Superstar
Die Nasty
Mighty Flea
Duncan Freehand
2 Butterflys
and 2 Imperials

do you have a case

Yeah. I have a case (only holds my good yoyos, 2 butterflies, and 2 imperials though).

Is having a DNA and a Superstar really necessary for 3 months of yoyoing? I didn’t even get my Dark Magic until 3 months of a Black Mamba and I didn’t get my GM2 for months after that. THen I was good to go for over 2 years (which I only yoyoed for about 9 months of).