yyr six bearing removal

I’m having trouble getting the D size bearing out of my YYR Six for siliconing, could anyone help me with this?? Thank you

here’s your options

  1. freeze it, steel doesn’t shrink, but aluminum does, so may be easier to get off

  2. get a drill bit or rod almost the exact size of the ID of the bearing to be easier to get off

  3. use pliers, but be very careful, more of a last resort

  4. If you don’t care about the bearing and none of the above work and you’re hulk smash angry, then grab a pair of vice grips and smash the bearing off… Only done this once lol

Right on the front page of this section there’s a number of posts about removing bearings. A wealth of info in them. Check them out.

Here’s a nice, new fresh one with some good info.
Alternative bearing removal method

That. The new idea is really clever. Check it out.