I need some help changing the bearing on my YYF One.

As I said, I need help changing the bearing. I tried pulling it out but that doesn’t seem to do the trick and I don’t have that YYF tool thingy. Any suggestions? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Try this

Three suggestions:

One is to use a pair of pliers that have that center wire-cutter cut-out area. Works good for gripping the bearing. I don’t like this method because I tend to want to bear down on the pliers. But, a decent squeeze(not too much) and gentle wiggling will remove the bearing.

Another option is to use a 1/4" drill bit, or so I’ve been told. Insert into the bearing and wiggle to remove. I don’t use this method, as I don’t have a 1/4" drill bit.

Third option is the “String trick” where you can use a worn string on the other side. Wrap it around the axle and screw down. The odds are good that when you remove the side again, the bearing will be on the opposite side and then you can pull the worn string to remove the bearing now. This has worked for me on my ONE.

I now have the multi-tool.

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