YYJ classic bearing


My friend got a new bearing for her YYJ classic but when we went to change it we realized that the bearing doesn’t come out. :frowning: what do we need to do? Please help!!!


You need a bearing removal tool or careful work with a pair of pliers. If you use pliers, grip the outside of the bearing lightly and rock back and forth. The bearing tool is better, though…

Good luck!


Can we put the original bearing back in though?


Unless you damage it with the pliers, yes.


If you damage it, PM me and I will send you a new YYJ thin bearing. :slight_smile:


Assuming you can unscrew the axle, leaving only the bearing–

a 1/4" (or in that ballpark… doesn’t need to be exact!) drill bit is the right size to put into the middle of the bearing (not the business end… the end you put in the drill’s chuck).

Put’r in there. Angle it outward which will cause friction. It will “grab” the inside of the bearing. With this pressure applied, pull outward. You might have to wiggle one or two times also, but it’ll come out.

The pliers method is fine also; many people have used it and will continue to use it! This method is less likely to cause undue damage in a place you don’t want damage (using a drill bit as close to the hole size as possible means you’re not likely to scrape up the inside, either. It’ll just create the grabbing friction).