[YYJ Legacy] Bearing?

I got a YYJ/YYD sized KK bearing, and it looks like it will fit fine. Problem is, how do I get the original bearing off of the yo-yo? It won’t come off by normal force. Is there a special tool or something?

You can use pliers. Just clamp on the bearing with the pliers(not too tight) and wiggle it gently. It would come off eventually.

Well a D sized bearing I don’t think will fit in a Legacy.

Either way, just take some pliers and grab the bearing. (You can squeeze them pretty hard and the bearing won’t break. Just don’t put it between your legs and use them legs to squeeze.) Then wiggle it back and forth and it’ll come eventually. The pliers might slip off of the bearing, which is fine, just don’t wiggle it back and forth quite as much.

I think he meant “YYF” not “YYD”
But the pliers would work fine.

Oh. Duh. Facepalm Lol.

Have you gotten it yet?

yes use plyers and wiggle them around