How to remove yyf bearing??

So I have tried pliers on the common SPEC bearing, but it won’t come out. Any

YYF Bearing Removal Tool would be my first choice - failing that, as long as the axle is in the other side you can use a 1/4" drill bit (not the pointy end), just wedge it in and wiggle a bit and the bearing will come out. Using pliers is a good way to kill your bearing if it’s not coming out easily.


Also, make sure that when using pliers, they are the kind that have a slot in them that allows them to grab around nuts easier. If your just using normal needle nose pliers or others without this nut gripping section, it will never work, the pliers will do nothing but slip off the bearing, causing damage.

But, if you are using the correct type and it’s still not working, then definitely follow the directions as stated by the post above me. Good luck!

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I see that my initial witty response was deleted. I offer this instead.


Also a hex key work ( the bigger or second biggest one) and also if you put that in the refrigirator it will shrink the aluminium and help and if you look in the mod/ maintenance list of usefull topic , you would have found your answer

spray a little bit gun oil into the inner ring of the bearing (so that the oil creeps between the bearing and the bearing seat of the yoyo half). Do the same at the outer ring of the bearing. Then wait about half an hour or so, since the oil needs some time for creeping into the gaps.

After this time it should be easy to remove to bearing (but please don’t act to rough - otherwise you might damage the aluminium of the yoyo half).

‘Rem Oil’, or ‘Hoppes Lubrication Oil’ are suitable for this purpose (in Germany we use ‘Ballistol’, which is really a great multi-purpose oil, but I don’t know, if you can buy it in US).

Good luck :slight_smile:

Gun oil?
Guns are illegal in Canada lol

Oh…, really?
I’m so sorry - then I would recommend ‘Penetrating Oil’ (hope this isn’t illegal too in Canada) :wink:

We’re a forward thinking country. Pretty sure this is on the approved list.

What about Ammo? ;D

Back on topic - I would agree with the 1/4 inch drill bit (non-sharp end, and gloves or a wrap to keep the sharp end from cutting your hands). Also, first place the yoyo in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Thanks guys!