YYR (or any Yo-Yo) Thin Pad Solution

So I recently came into possession of a stargazer v1. which uses thin pads. Unfortunately, thin YYR pads aren’t available anywhere. I looked through the forums, a noticed quite a few people with the same problem. No worries, I have a solution.

What you need:
Thin pads (I use the onedrop .555 pads)
Pocket knife

That’s all. All you have to do is stick the pads into the groove, and use the knife to cut the pad into the right shape. You will scratch the response, but that should be a non-issue, as it doesn’t affect the outward appearance of the Yo-Yo. It is unresponsive, but like all pads, require a small break in time.

I’m sure this has been done before. This is just a sharing of my knowledge. Apologies if you have seen this topic before.

They make General Yo pads in the .555 size in all three thicknesses. It might be a bit easier.

The one drop .555 pads are the perfect fitness, but yes, I assume it would work. You still need to cut it though, as .555 pads are too wide.

Hey, thanks for pointing this out. I’ll give this a try. I have an old version (red) Dreadnought lite that I’m having trouble finding good response for. Looks like the person who had it before me put pads in, but they’re not flush with the yoyo(they stick out a bit if you look from the side, which causes snagging).

I wonder why people say you can’t silicone the old YYRs. The recesses dont look THAT shallow (but then again, I’ve hefner tried silicone on this guy)

Well… You could, but they last a few days. That’s flowable. I’m sure the regular kind last a bit longer.

My dreadnought G had the old shallow response. They ripped out after the second day if they would even last that long. Flowable simply does not work with the old shallow YYR yoyos. I never tried rtv silicone though, that would probably work but it is such a pain to get out of the yoyo and you never REALLY get it all out, still bits and pieces stuck in there.

I tried RTV on my dreadnought and it fell out in like 10 minutes. I just threw a K-pad in it and used a razor blade to make it not stick out so much. Works like a charm now :slight_smile:

It seems to me for such expensive yoyos, you’d think they’d offer a more pre-packaged solution for that version instead of abandoning it. What do they think they are? Apple?(who has now become notorious for dropping support very rapidly when the next thing comes along, especially after they killed OS 9 with the Intel-based Macs).

A note about using RTV products in shallow response grooves:
It will rip out fast. How fast depends on the player AND the string. It simply doesn’t have enough to hold it in place. I strongly recommend pre-made products for yoyos with shallow recess grooves.

It’s old. Before Flowable silicone became popular. Pads were what everyone used back then. YYE stores don’t stock the old pads, and other stores, National or international ran out of stock. I don’t blame them much. They are/were popular Yo-Yo’s, so it is understandable that they run out of the old pads fast. Not much of an excuse, but just so you know.

What about the option of sending them to a modder who can make the recess deeper so it will take RTV or another popular pad?

I know, YYR is expensive.

You could, I did it with the dreadnought. But I would imagine some of the older YYR having too thin of a wall to accept a recess job without risking integrity

Ah, very good point I hadn’t considered.

Seems like I should get myself a slightly better set of calipers so I can measure thickness in addition to inside and outside measurements.