Help a YYR Noob :)


I recently bought a Dreadnought G on the BST used. I am not sure the age of it. The pads gave out about a day after I got it. The YYR pads sold on YYE are about twice as thick as I need. I’ve gotten around this by cutting them down with a razor blade which is sorta OK. Does anyone know a replacement response that fits this type of Dreadnought G? Any help greatly appreciated!


Bad news!

If you don’t have a bunch of replacement 2009 YYR size pads, you’re gonna have a bad time!


Flowable!! If a pad will fit in them then done right flowable will go in as well.

If you get jammed up just pay to ship to and fro and I will do it for free for you.


Flowable doesn’t work very well on 2009 size groves, way too thin


I’ve been wondering the same thing the past year. I’ve had an old response Dreadnought Lite, and I’ve got the same issue. What people who are familiar with YYR throws have been telling me is that you have to get it modded to accept flowable silicone (sure, you can physically put silicone in it, but there’s something about how thin it is that makes it not work well – I’ll be honest, though. I haven’t tried myself. Just hearsay from more than one person).

Anyway, the modder who usually does this is Landon (Balk was it?). I’m not sure how much he charges, how much he’d do it for, or even if he still does it, unfortunately. Don’t even know his forum name :confused:

(Aaron~) #6

I can mod it for you. Also I can maybe get you pads


Get the OneDrop .555 pads and cut the Outer Diameter down.

It should work.


I beg to differ


Hm. You know what? Let’s figure this out right now. I’m currently playing my Dreadnought with the wrong pad in (it was jammed in there by the previous owner, and it’s not exactly flush with the yoyo).

Anyway, I’ll remove it and silicone the yoyo right now (I’m kind of procrastinating from writing this article anyway). Then, I’ll report back in 24 hours and let you know what happened. (Not that I believe or don’t believe people on both sides. It’d just be nice to know for myself)

EDIT: Took some pictures

Old response Dreadnought Lite

(I wiped it down as best as I could after taking this shot) I’ll be honest. I was kind of concerned about how shallow the recess is.

Silicone in. Looked to fill just fine.

And now we play the waiting game… I’ll report back in 24 hours! (Maybe I don’t have to wait as long since the recess is shallow?

(Alex Fairhurst) #10

I’ve had Landon mod YYR for me twice now. He charges 20$ shipped. A very fair price I think considering he does the best work, ever. He will even make the recess big enough to take your favorite type of response pads.


Whoa. That’s not bad at all! Got his forum name?

I’ve got maybe 7-8 hours left on this curing silicone. Reporting back soon!



Okay! I’ll probably get some heat from this. But curiosity got the best of me and I didn’t wait the full 24 hours (my reasoning being that it’s a pretty thin layer of silicone, so it doesn’t need to cured the full time. I was maybe 5 hours short of 24).

Anyway, it plays great! I’ve actually never had the proper response to this since I got it from the BST last December. The response someone jammed into it was maybe a mm above the recess, which resulted in very snaggy play. This is perfect!

Granted, maybe a mod will be a better solution in the long run since I’m not sure how long this silicone will last given how shallow the well is. But I don’t really mind. This is great!


It’ll probably rip apart pretty soon.

I played my thin-pad YYR with onedrop .555 pads or Chaz Pads.

You just have to cut them a little.


The thing is, you can silicone darn near anything. The real issue is “how long will it last”.

When I received a small bearing bassalope, the response(siliconed) wore out after 10 throws. I put in Duncan Silicone stickers, still running great MONTHS later.

Yeah, so siliconing a thin recess will work, but not for very long.


Just as Studio said above there are very few that won’t work with flowable.


Hey, I think I may have found the pads you’re looking for. Pm me for the link, as Andre doesn’t want us linking to other stores on the forums.


Welp, the response went out :slight_smile:

Lasted about 2-3 days, with about 1-3 hours of play per day.


That’s kind of what i expected.


Quick question. Did you do the old guitar pick on it?


Nope. Just an old credit card.