The end of response pads?

I have noticed recently that almost no yoyos are coming out with the need for response pads and instead use silicone, or thicker silicone rings.
As I see less need for pads, I wonder if eventually pads will become obsolete?
This makes me worry, as so many of my older throws use pads and to see them all go to waste at the lack of pads being made is a sad thought. But there certainly seems to be less demand.
Do you think they will vanish entirely? Or is there still enough pad yoyo throwers to warrant their continued production.

Not sure on the rest of the yoyo world, but as long as General Yo throws keep the groove depth they’re at now then Hat Pads will be around for a while. You can put silicone in them, but it will eventually rip out since the groove isn’t deep enough. It’s only happened to me once, and it was with Monkey Snot silicone in a M10.

All silicone will rip out eventually. Try Permatex Gasket Maker Hi Temp Red, harder to work with than Monkey Snot since it’s not flowable, but will last MUCH longer.

Pads technically are silicone… They are.

I do not see them going away. There hasn’t been a new release without pads.

Where are you getting this idea?

He’s talking about pads like Duncan Silicone Stickers or Friction Stickers

I use silicone and response pads equally. Although lately most of my throws have pads. I HATE to wait the 24 hours for the flowable silicone to dry. I like to just toss in a new pad and keep throwin.
I would say that the last 4 YYF yoyos that I’ve bought all take slim pads.

Just to clarify and reiterate:

These are thin and aren’t purely silicone with a sticky backing. There might be a layer of silicone on some of them… I don’t know what makes them “tacky” to the touch. But in any event, the OP was not talking about new-school silicone pads like the ubiquitous 19mm OD slim pads.

“Friction Stickers” are a layer of glue, then fabric, then silicone.
“Silicone Stickers” are a layer of glue, then far less tacky and more long lasting silicone.

I ended up just buying some pads, but I replaced the Monkey Snot in the M10 before the pads got to me. I was using a rough feeling string when it ripped out. I like the string a lot though. Anyway, when I first started yo-yoing I bought the Red Permatex, and it was a mess. I couldn’t make it work so I threw it away and bought flowable. That’s been about a year ago though and I’m sure I could do the Red RTV now, but I like Hat Pads in my Gen-Yo and Snow Tires in my CLYW. I’m not as picky when it comes to other brands.

Silicone/silicone pads certainly offer better and more long lasting response than yoyos that use my beloved sticker pads but I gotta say I’m not a big fan of silicone. I absolutely hate having to wait 24 hours for flowable to dry and I hate that there isn’t one standard groove size for yoyos so if I wanted to use silicone pads I’d have to keep a bunch of different kinds on hand.

Ive never had any need to change a pad or even sili a throw

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I absolutely love the 12mm Duncan silicone stickers and would be terribly sad to see them go, and not just because of convenience. I had a pair I used in a dual pad recessed FHZ last me for more than two years of regular play, and binds just feel different compared with flowable silicone - the pads are more grippy, which in my experience translates to more spin on a throw. That said, I also love silicone in One Drop flow groove response, and find that the deeper recess keeps the silicone from ripping out, which I’ve never had happen with silicone in a flow groove recess. My sense is that the convenience of pads, and the ability to have instantly usable response, which can make a big different in a situation like Worlds where you’re yoyoing all day every day for 4 or 5 days, will keep them from ever becoming obsolete.

If they do ever decide to stop selling duncan silicone stickers, I will be every single one I can find.
I sure hope that never happens.