YYR Draupnir or YYF Ricochet?

So, I have money saved for the next Draupnir release, but I keep hearing lots of positive recommendations for the Ricochet. I do love the unique feeling of titanium, and they are priced similarly. Anybody have both that could chime in on their preference?

Draupnir. It is the ultimate competition weapon, and it’s fun!

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My two cents worth is that if the Draupnir really is one of a ‘new wave’ of YYR and the rest are out of production, then they should be around for a while, whereas there are only a few Ricochet left. I haven’t played the former, but was having the same dilemma and decided to go YYF for now and Draupnir later.

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Good call, I was kind of thinking along those lines as well.

Draupnir blows the Ricochet away in terms of performance. It also feels way more unique in both design and play.